• Ritual to Life

    Ritual to Life

    This room is a celebration of life, the eagle represents the transfer of the material to the spiritual, the elliptical means the endless cycle of life and the solstice represents the motion of the earth about the sun.

    From $49.00 per night
  • MayDance

    May Dance

    This room represent the nature, it´s represent the Tropical Carribbean and the rituals of the Maypole, the fertility, harvest and abundance.

    From $49.00 per night
  • TropicalDance

    Tropical Dance

    In this room the turtle Represents the Caribbean and the Shell has a spiral representing the cycle of universe.

    From $49.00 per night
  • Fusion


    This room have two elements: Quetzalcoatl: The Feathered Serpent and The Jaguar: God of indigenous. In this room both gods are merged forming the triangle perfection that results in a spider.

    From $59.00 per night
  • Miscegenation


    This room represent the clash of both cultures, the Spanish and the Nicaraguan. The Bull: Represents the imposition of Spanish culture; The Chamán: It´s represents the culture of our indigenous.

    From $49.00 per night
Welcome to

Hotel Kekoldi de Granada

Hotel Kekoldi of Granada is a luminous,well ventilated and modern hotel, located in the heart of the oldest city of the American Continent, which provides its costumers with an atmosphere of a fusion between the traditional Grenadian elements with the art of our natives, resulting in an architecture with colonial shades and an esthetic design developed by the renowned nicaraguan artist Robert Barberena de la Rocha, who has unified the grenadian colonial elements with the art of indigenous people of Central America, which can be easily seen in the mosaics, scenary and other details present in the decoration of rooms and the rest areas of the hotel.



Kekoldi will indulge you with the excepcional Nicaraguan hospitality & invite you to enjoy the delicious buffet style breakfast.

Enjoy our Gorgeous Sunsets in our exotic garden or next to our outdoor pool, which is an ideal relaxation venue to take cover from our granada tropical weather.

We make available to you, our twelve rooms which include private bathrooms, hot water, queens beds, cable TV, Personal Safe, Air Conditioned, Wireless Internet Thru the entire Hotel Grounds & a capacity to Lodge up to forty people in rooms that are single, doubles, triples & quadruple sharing queen beds, all of the rooms are design to provide you with cozy and restful atmosphere and adorn with harmonious Decorations.



At Hotel Kekoldi we strive to make your stay in Granada a pleasant experience , attending with care and professionalism that guarantee a mosaic of unforgettable experiences.

We work for continuous improvement and according to national and international standards and quality procedures.

Since 2011 we hold the "Distinctive M" award by The Nicaraguan Tourism Institute to companies that meet the criteria of MODERNIZA program, a management system to improve quality, for 4 consecutive years we have been renewed by the level of compliance required in order to provide quality services and increased satisfaction to our customers.